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Hemlock Wealth is a comprehensive wealth management firm providing financial solutions to business owners, executives, families, corporations and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor and plan for the protection, growth and distribution of your wealth. Our clients are typically long-term investors and tend to be either busy professionals or retirees. While working, they are entrepreneurs, corporate executives and other professionals with active lives and families. They generally have assets between $500,000 and $50 million and often complex financial situations. Many do not have sufficient time, interest or inclination to tend to their financial goals and recognize they need professional guidance to address issues ranging from retirement and estate planning to tax and investment strategy.

The sand in the hourglass flows only one way. Don’t waste precious time chasing someone else’s definition of success. Live your life with purpose now. Look for the things that inspire you, trouble you, make you feel most alive, and trust in those things to shape your future. They will give you all your heart could ever wish for.
– Bill Strickland